If your prices are so cheap, should I worry about the quality?

That is a great question. In fact, it was a concern for us that our prices could be perceived as being too “cheap” instead of just really, really, really affordable. Bottom line: Common Sense Development has been doing high-end, custom websites since 2011. On a Budget Marketing was created by the same people who have been trusted by companies with $1 million+ in annual sales. The brands we create are eye-catching and memorable. The reason we can offer such great prices is that we have taken elements from our best custom designs and used them to create the same high quality work, but in template format. This allows us to save time on each individual project and we pass that savings on to you. Honestly, as a small business, our passions lay with small businesses. We have been trying to find ways to make our services as affordable as possible for years, without reducing the quality of our work. This is just the next step in our evolution, or should we say revelation, of trying to turn the table on the big budget advantages that corporate America has and hand that advantage over to the true heroes of industry, the small business.

How many free revisions do I get to make?

OK, so this is another good question and we are going to just give you the straight-up, no BS truth. When looking for ways to save our clients money, we quickly realized that most of our clients were happy with the first round of our work. Yet, there were always a few that felt that they could not be happy unless they saw multiple revisions. That’s fine with us if you’re paying by the hour but, again, our goal is to save you money, not bleed you dry. Our programs are designed for the 95% of the people who are happy with the first round of our work. This way, we can save you money and reward you for being a quick and decisive leader. Of course, if we made a mistake that you catch during the review process, we will quickly fix that for you without any questions! If along the way you realize that you need some bigger changes made, we can do that too. Our hourly rate for making revisions or customizations is only $75 per hour. Not bad when most high quality firms won’t talk to you for less than $150 per hour. With all that said, we happy to throw in one round (1.5 free hours) of edits on all website packages.

What’s considered a page?

Our Web Design prices are based on the amount of pages on your website. A page is any menu item. For example, “Home,” “Website Design,” “View Samples” are each considered a page. Each Web Design package comes with a set amount of pages.

Can I make changes once the website is done?

Yes, you can either purchase our website editor add-on which allows you to make your own changes to each page, or we can make the changes for you. Our hourly rate is $75 per hour. Typically, most changes do not take any longer than 1-2 hours.  We will be able to give you an estimate after discussing the changes that you need made. Obviously, design and graphic changes will take longer than simple text updates.

Do you offer a buyout program so that if I cancel my Membership, I can take my website with me?

Yes, we do. Keep in mind that our membership program is designed for people that don’t want to spend a lot of cash up front. The monthly fee allows you to get a great looking website up and running without having to break the bank by spending thousands of dollars upfront to purchase a website. In fact, it allows you to get a great website up and running without spending any money upfront, other then the cost of the first months membership. Pretty good deal if you ask us! However, if you hit it big, win the lottery, or just otherwise decide that you would rather not pay the monthly fees anymore, that’s OK, we can still be friends. All you have to do is purchase your own hosting plan (we can help you with that if needed) and then pay the normal retail value for the website. Shoot, if you have the upfront dough and want to, you can just purchase the website outright from the very start. The pricing is below:

The Start Up           | $1,197
The Entrepreneur  | $1,697
The Mom and Pop | $2,197

Can I take my domain with me if I ever decide to cancel my membership? 

Of course you can! If you did not take us up on the free domain name and already own your domain name through a different service, you don’t have to do anything. However, if you used our free domain name service there is a one-time $200 transfer fee. Honestly, we would not charge this if we did not have to, but it is the only way for us to recoup some of our hard costs. Hey, we’re a small business too, just trying to make a living. Of course, if you are paying to take your website with you, the transfer fee is waved.

Do I get the design or print ready files for my business cards and flyers?

We would be happy to create a custom design for you. In this case, you would get all the files associated with your project. You can print them yourself or use our services. A custom business card design costs $350 and custom flyer design start at $400. These would be unique designs and artwork that only you would have access to. In order to keep the prices low on our templated designs, we are not able to offer the design or print ready files.

Have a question we have not answered yet? Send us a note and we will get back to you within 24 business hours, if not sooner!

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